The National Conference on Communications (NCC) is the flagship conference of India in the area of Communications. It has been organized every year, starting from the year 1995, by the Joint Telematics Group (JTG) of the Indian Institutes of Technology, and the Indian Institute of Science. It is usually held each year during the last week (Friday-Sunday) of January.

The JTG was formed in 1987 by the Communications faculty of the IITs and IISc, under a joint project sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources Development of the Government of India. The aim of this project, and the task of the JTG, was to jointly organize short courses in the area of Communications, Signal Processing, and Networks for the benefit of engineering faculty and industry in India. The JTG carried out this task with great success, and had helped create by the mid nineties, a community of faculty, research scholars and R&D engineers from industry and national laboratories. The NCC came into being as a natural outcome of the emergence of this research community.

Since its inception, NCC has grown in strength and stature. It has become a regular forum for researchers, students and practicing engineers to present and exchange ideas in latest technological advancements and innovations in the areas of Communications, Signal Processing and Networking. Well-planned pre-conference tutorials, technical paper sessions, plenary talks by experts and industrial exhibitions are the salient features of this conference. The NCC also helps bring specific focus to technical issues facing the telecommunications industry in India. Over the years, NCC has witnessed progressively larger participation of researchers both from academia and industry. The papers presented at NCC are of high quality, rivaling papers presented at the best international conferences on Communications worldwide.

One of the distinguishing features of NCC is that it is held by rotation on the campuses of the IITs/IISc. This enhances the scholarly ambience of the conference, and keeps logistics simple. NCC has been witnessing a steady increase in participation from faculty of reputed engineering colleges in India other than the IITs/IISc. It will not be long before NCC is held at some other campuses too.